English singer-songwriter Jessie J has recently opened up about her painful throat condition that has been affecting her ability to sing, according to PEOPLE. On Thursday, the 33-year-old singer revealed that she has been dealing with a throat issue for four to five months. She said it has affected her singing abilities.

On her Instagram Story, Jessie shared a lengthy caption, revealing the difficulties she has been facing over the last few months.

She shared a video of her singing softly to send to her speech therapist, writing, “The first song I sang was ‘I Want Love.’ Just hearing myself sing it and feel[ing] so vulnerable whilst singing bought me to tears. I have never ever to this day (since recording it) been able to sing it because of the pain I am experiencing. Man it’s been hard not singing.”

“It’s literally my lifeline and my happiness,” the Bang Bang singer continued. “Being quiet is not something I’m good at. Or makes me feel like myself. Lord knows I’m loud af. It was in that moment I knew I needed to be honest with myself and honest with you all about where I am at and explain what is going on…”

“To be totally real, to have your support and love would help me get through this faster I’m sure,” she added.

Jessie wrote, “In February, I started to feel a burn in my throat constantly. I ignored it for a bit as I presumed it was fatigue from the studio. When I went to see a doctor I was told I have major acid reflux and nodules because I have continued to sing with acid reflux which was probably caused by the steroids I had taken for my ear late last year.”

She said the acid reflux would cause blisters in her throat. She started taking antacids to “rectify” her issue, but “it didn’t work,” she wrote, explaining she had to change medications as well.

“I have had 8 cameras down my nose to look by 6 different doctors now. I ate the same 6 foods for 3 months,” Jessie wrote, explaining she tried all treatments, including acupuncture and massages.

“I am still in pain everyday,” she wrote. “With rest and little talking/singing the nodules melted away. Like Olaf in the sun. But every doctor has told me if I sing (especially these songs) the nodules will just come right back.”

Jessie has recently released her new track called “I Want Love.”

She wrote, “I felt confident we could do it as did they. Maybe we were right, maybe we were wrong. But the passion and fire was and it’s still there for these songs and I felt it so important for you to have new music and it be out for summer.”

“I am not telling you this for pity but for understanding why I haven’t done any promo,” she continued. “I have been heartbroken to turn things down.”

In December, Jessie revealed that she has Meniere’s Disease, a disorder of the inner ear that can lead to dizzy spells (vertigo) and hearing loss. The disease left her temporarily deaf.

On Saturday, she said in a post, “I woke up and felt like I was completely deaf in my right ear, couldn’t walk in a straight line. Basically I got told I had Meniere’s syndrome.”

“I know that a lot of people suffer from it and I’ve actually had a lot of people reach out to me and give me great advice, so I’ve just been laying low in silence,” she added. “Now’s the first time I’ve been able to sing and bear it. It could be way worse, it is what it is. I’m super grateful for my health. It just threw me off.”