The year 2020 was crazy due to the pandemic, while most of us, including celebrities, got addicted to watching the news for COVID-19 updates and more.

Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown was also one of many people who got addicted to news to get never-ending updates.

The 40-year-old reality television personality told Health, “There was a lot of moments where I caught myself watching the news, constantly on this news cycle.”

Undeniably, it is unhealthy for most people to stay glued to news headlines 24/7, and for Brown, it was especially damaging because of a pre-existing chronic medical condition.

“I suffer from migraine, and migraine is brought on a lot by stress,” he said. “[The news] would just be bringing out so much stress to me, which was triggering my migraine.”

Brown added, “You just think, ‘I’m staying informed,’ or ‘I’m being aware of what’s happening’—but literally all you’re doing is triggering yourself over and over again,” which took a toll on his body.

He realized, “It was like: relax, stop watching it. I have to take a step back and focus on something positive.”

“2020—a lot of things happened to us emotionally and mentally that a lot of us haven’t even focused on,” Brown added. “We don’t even realize the PTSD we’re all going to experience from the year 2020.”

The news of 2020 was devastating, but Brown hopes this year would be stress-free and amazing.

“A 2021 word has yet to be defined, but hopefully it’s ‘delightful,’ ‘amazing,’ ‘stress-free.’ Because 2020 took us all through it,” he added. The article originally appeared on Health.