Sunday, September 20, 2020

Demi Lovato Says She Worked On Her Mental Health during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Demi Lovato has recently written an essay for Vogue in which she revealed she had experienced mental health issues when the coronavirus pandemic started. However, she shared that she has embraced mental health practices to overcome her problems, which also helped her to be a better ally for the black community.

Coronavirus Pandemic Significantly Shifted Delivery of Mental Health Care Remotely Across the US, Study

A new study has shown that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has significantly shifted the delivery of mental health care remotely across the United States. Before the pandemic, psychologists performed just 7% of their clinical work via telepsychology, while during the pandemic, it increased up to 85%.

NHS England Reports Recent Surge in Psychiatric Cases Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

NHS England has reported a recent surge in new cases of mental health issues amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, urging people to address their problems and seek help. Most cases include isolation, substance abuse, domestic violence, and economic uncertainty.

Brain Activity Declines As Bodyweight Increases, Finds Study

A new study has found that a person’s brain function declines as his or her body weight increases. The study has shown that overweight and obese people had poor cognitive function due to low cerebral blood flow, suggesting that it is important to implement healthy lifestyle choices.

New Experimental Drug Developed By Salk Researchers May Reverse Memory Loss

A study conducted on mice has found that an experimental drug, developed by Salk researchers, successfully revered memory loss and Alzheimer’s-like disease. The drug candidate, called CMS121, helped reverse memory loss in mice by changing the metabolism of fats in brain cells.

Coronavirus Had a Negative Impact on Mental Health of College Students, Study

A new study has found that college students experienced symptoms of anxiety and depression during the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak. Also, they were prone to sedentary habits at the onset of the outbreak, reducing their physical activity, which could be one of the reasons they were anxious and depressed.

Can Probiotics Help Ease Depression? Yes, Says One Paper

A new review, published in the journal BMJ Nutrition Prevention & Health, has found that probiotics taken alone or in combination with prebiotics could help ease the symptoms of depression. Researchers explained that probiotics could help with the gut-brain axis.