Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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House Democrats have been planning to hold an event in order to scrutinize Trump’s deteriorating mental health. They do not want to equate that issue but want people of the United States to be aware of his poor mental health. They will host Dr. Brandy Lee, a psychiatrist from the Yale School of Medicine, for the event.
June is celebrated as the National Men’s Health Month and it’s time to raise mental health awareness because men are more likely to suffer from psychological disorders and less likely to seek help than women are. Thanks to many celebrities who have opened up about mental health and encouraged to seek help.
On Monday, Brian Wilson thanked his fans for their love and support amid his mental health struggles on his twitter account. Last week, he announced that he has postponed his June tour because of the mental insecurities he has been facing after undergoing three back surgeries in the past year.
George Conway, attorney and husband of Kellyanne Conway, criticized Trump’s weekend tweets by taking a dig at his mental health. He said he is not ‘presidential’ at all and is mentally unwell. He added that the president’s poor mental health would get him fired from all other jobs.
According to a new study, pet dogs may synchronize their stress levels with the stress levels of their owner. The study researchers found that dogs’ cortisol (stress hormone) levels matched those of their owners. Also, they found that female dogs had a strong connection with their owner’s stress levels.