Saturday, July 31, 2021
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Off-label use of smart drugs is on the rise as they help boost memory, motivation, concentration, focus, and attention. Most students use smart drugs to enhance their academic performance, but is it ethical to do so. Experts say non-medical use of smart drugs could be dangerous, especially if bought from unregulated sources.
Researchers have been looking at the effects of wildfires and smoke on mental health, as this year’s fire season in California is outpacing last year’s record-breaking season and Western states are facing long-lasting fire season.
New research has found that parents of children with complex medical conditions are more likely to have poor or fair mental health. The study also found that most parents of children with medical complexities do not know where to go to seek support in the community.
A new study has found that some high blood pressure medicines that cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB) are associated with less memory decline compared to the drugs that do not cross the BBB. Previous studies have also shown that antihypertensive agents that cross BBB reduced mild cognitive impairment by 19%.
A new study from Stanford University researchers has found that most American mass shooters had an untreated mental health disorder before committing the heinous crime. Some of them had untreated schizophrenia, while others had issues such as bipolar disorder, personality disorder, and delusional disorder.
A new study from the researchers of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and the University of Chicago has found that inhaled nitrous oxide, also called nitrous oxide, significantly improved the symptoms of depression in patients who are resistant to antidepressant drugs.
This Mental Health Awareness Month, USA Today has explained the meaning of a few commonly used mental health terms and phrases, such as languishing, alonely, burnout, emotional exhaustion, anxiety, depression, and flourishing.