Kelly Ripa Reveals Details About Her Earlobe Surgery

“There’s a piece of my earlobe that’s not there because he had to sew it together.”


Kelly Ripa recently opened about undergoing earlobe surgery on her latest “Fashion Finder” Instagram video, explaining why she had to visit a plastic surgeon to address her issue.

Wearing diamond stud earrings, the Live with Kelly and Ryan host said, “I had gauges, like hanging gauges. See these holes up here. These were my earholes that tore all the way through. So I had to go to a plastic surgeon.”

“There’s a piece of my earlobe that’s not there because he had to sew it together,” she continued.

The 49-year-old explained that she developed those gauges after wearing hanging earrings. Showing her left ear, she said, “This one really recovered very nicely. This one is perfect.” And showing the right ear, she said, “[The right ear] was just way worse. The damage was worse.”

Ripa is now able to wear sparkly ear candy – thanks to her reconstructive surgery.

On Sunday, Ripa wore diamond drop earrings on the red carpet, with her 18-year-old daughter, Lola Grace.

Earlier this month, Ripa told Anderson Cooper that Lola has been enjoying her college experience so far. She said, “She loves it, she loves it. When she was a little girl, like, 3 years old, she used to play dorm room in her bedroom. First, she played sleep away camp, then she played dorm room/” “So this is like a girl who was meant to live away from us. She was born to live outside of the house,” she added.