It seems like Kyla Pratt wants to normalize things about mental health.

In a new Health video series, Deep Dives, the 34-year-old actress opened up about her past mental health struggles. 

The video series inspires people to talk about a health topic that’s meaningful to them and share relatable stories around health and wellness.

Pratt says she is trying to change the image of Hollywood stars like herself because she thinks people do not think celebrities have the same mental health challenges as they do. She said she knows that is not true.

The Dr. Doolittle star said that when she gave birth to her youngest daughter in 2013, she had her own mental health struggles, but she did not have the vocabulary to discuss it, according to Health.

She told Health, “I didn’t recognize that something was wrong. As a woman, your hormones and your body are not even back normal until like two years after you have a baby.”

The One On One actress said she used to pull herself through tough times, but during the period after her daughter was born, she felt stuck. She said, “Usually I can come out of a lot of bad feelings. At that time, I just didn’t know how to.”

Pratt went on to say that labeling public figures as “strong” might send the wrong signal.

She explained, “The term ‘strong’ – it can be very deceiving. It puts people in a position of thinking they’re not allowed to have feelings, or they’re not allowed to go through certain things emotionally. I think that’s a piece of crap.”

“I feel like everyone is working through something they don’t talk about-we all go through it,” Pratt added “We can normalize it, and it becomes something we can bond over.” To know more about what she has to say on mental health, check the Deep Dives video by Health.