Alani Nicole “La La” Anthony has recently told Health Magazine how she learned to take care of herself during the COVID-19 pandemic, stressing the importance of self-care, confidence, and achieving your goals.

She said, “I’m the person that takes care of everyone else first. But during the pandemic, I’ve learned how necessary self-care is. Once you start doing it, you realize that you have to find ways to recharge and rejuvenate—even if it’s just taking five minutes to meditate.”

The 39-year-old actress said it all starts with your mental health so you need to ensure you are doing things that help your soul.

“I think wellness starts with mental health,” she explained, “You have to make sure you’re doing things that feed your soul. As women, we tend to neglect ourselves, and we really need to give ourselves the same love we give everyone else.”

Anthony, who is the New York Times best-selling author, continued, “When it comes to working out and eating healthy, I have moments when I’m spot-on and moments when I am not. I’ve started to really focus on it, though, because when you feel good about how you’re taking care of yourself, you walk a little differently—you have a certain swag.”

She also said that it is important to love yourself as confidence starts from the inside. She recalled. “My dad has always said that you have to love yourself from the inside. I used to be like, ‘Yeah, yeah, Ok.’ But now I know it’s a really powerful statement. If you walk into a room with confidence, other people feed off that energy. That confidence starts from the inside, and people see it from the outside.”

“There’s always more I want to do with my life—I think that is what has helped me find success,” she continued. “I’ve never gotten comfortable or complacent with my career or my life. I’m always looking for a new challenge or thinking about what else I can do. When you continue to build on what you’ve done and reach for more, it helps you keep growing.” The article originally appeared on Health.