Lifestyle Journalist Rachel Hosie Lost 35 Pounds In 6 Months Without Going On A Diet

“There's nothing wrong with gaining weight if you're healthy, but I wasn't, and my weight gain was a reflection of the fact that I wasn't looking after myself.”

Rachel Hosie Lost 35 Pounds

It is not easy to lose weight. Innumerable people, especially women, are always searching for quick and effective ways to lose weight, irrespective of whether they are doing it for health or aesthetic reasons.

Rachel Hosie, a lifestyle journalist, explains that there is no shortcut to lose weight and nothing that loses your weight rapidly will be healthy or sustainable. How could one possibly lose weight quickly when they did not gain 10 pounds within a week.

Rachel lost nearly 35 pounds over the past five months.

She wrote, “Like many, my weight has fluctuated over my adult life, but at the end of 2018 I was the biggest and heaviest I’d ever been. I felt sluggish, hated shopping, and barely fit into any of my clothes (smocks were life), but I don’t think I realized quite how much weight I’d gained until I had a body scan at the end of November.”

She gained 11 pounds in July, which was a wake-up call of her.

Rachel wrote, “There’s nothing wrong with gaining weight if you’re healthy, but I wasn’t, and my weight gain was a reflection of the fact that I wasn’t looking after myself.”

“The weight had crept up over the years, as it so often does. I will always love to eat and drink, but as a 20-something living in London, I’d lost all concept of moderation or balance, regularly binge-drinking and overeating.”

She mentioned, “My diet wasn’t necessarily unhealthy, and I was very active, but I was simply consuming far too much, frequently eating to the point of pain.”

She had an unhealthy relationship with her food and body, which made her decide to work consciously over her weight.

The writer mentioned, “Losing weight wasn’t my main incentive, but it was part of the overall lifestyle switch I’ve successfully made. And that’s what’s made this time different to every other time I’ve lost a few pounds.”

“It was time to start putting myself, my health, and my happiness first. No restrictive plans, no strict rules, no thinking of myself as being on a diet, but rather approaching it as a journey toward creating a healthier, happier, sustainable lifestyle. And it worked,” explained Rachel.

She added, “As a lifestyle journalist with a focus on health, food, wellness, and fitness, I was already well informed about how to live a healthy lifestyle. But there’s still so much I’ve learned this year, from how to train to how to deal with saboteurs.” To read her seven lessons about how to eat to lose weight sustainably, you can go through her article on the, where she mentioned about addressing your diet if you are not working out. She could be an inspiration to people who are looking to lose weight effectively. She often writes about food, drink, health, fitness, relationships and body positivity.