Lili Reinhart Speaks Up About Her Mental Health and Once Again Starts Therapy

Riverdale star Lili Reinhart has shared her experiences with anxiety and depression. The American actress also opens up about her decision to start the therapy again.

Lili Reinhart Mental Health

Lili Reinhart, who plays the role of Betty Cooper in Riverdale, has recently opened up about her mental health and makes the decision of starting the therapy again. She has never shied away from sharing her struggles with anxiety and depression.

The Riverdale star shared a post on her Instagram stories last week that she had started mental health therapy again to curb her anxiety and depression, making her fans and followers know that there is no shame when it comes to seeking treatment.

Reinhart wrote, “Friendly reminder for anyone who needs to hear it: Therapy is never something to feel ashamed of.” Everyone can benefit from seeing a therapist.

She continued, “I’m 22.” “I have anxiety and depression…And today I started therapy again. And so the journey of self-love begins for me.”

Last year, in an interview with Ocean Drive, she explained that people should speak out to help others see that success does not necessarily mean happiness and that even a successful person can struggle.

She said, “I know so many other young people have, and I didn’t have someone who was talking about it.” “I remember being in middle and high school and hearing Demi Lovato speak up about her mental illness and that was comforting. But I wanted more people to stand up. I needed more people to relate to. I was like, all these people can’t be so happy, can they?”

She added, “It was kind of like this unrealistic picture that was painted in front of me of all these happy, happy people, successful people, beautiful people.” “And even now I’m on this wonderful show. I have money in my bank account. I have my own apartment. I have friends. I still go through and experience depression. You don’t have to be ashamed of it. You don’t need to ever justify the way you feel.”

The Betty Copper actress has also urged people to speak up about internal challenges. Last summer, she spoke about dysmorphia on social media. She said how anyone could struggle with dysmorphia and explained that it is okay to have it, but it is not okay to shame somebody with such a health issue.

The Riverdale star wrote, “My body is not like hers.” “Thought that was quite obvious. Insecurity exists outside the limits of a certain dress size. You’re not helping the problem. Telling someone they don’t deserve to feel insecure because their body is ‘fine’ or ‘just like’ whomever… is wrong. That’s part of the problem. That’s part of body shaming.” She further added, “I will never understand how someone can be so cowardly as to hide behind their phone and tell a stranger that their feelings are irrelevant and considered whining just because they think you represent some ideal figure or shape.” “I hope this example helps show you a significant problem that’s going on today with young boys and girls. This is why people with mental health issues — depression, eating disorders, body dysmorphia — sometimes don’t get the help they need because they’re shamed into being quiet.”