Lauren “Lo” Bosworth has recently opened up about her traumatic brain injury, revealing that she is “really lucky” she did not sustain a more serious injury – the incident that occurred a couple of years ago.

In March 2019, Bosworth was at a New York City restaurant when a door fell off of its hinges and onto her head, knocking her unconscious, according to PEOPLE.

Recalling the incident, the 34-year-old TV personality told PEOPLE, “I was sitting in a banquette next to the kitchen doors that swing open and closed as servers come in and out with food, and [they were] really heavy kitchen doors, as you can imagine. And I was just sitting talking with my friends, and I didn’t see it happen because the doors were behind my line of sight, but one of the kitchen doors completely fell off its hinge and toppled sideways and landed on my head on the right side. And it knocked me out.”

“Thankfully, I was there with a lot of friends, and they helped me, but I went to the hospital and went into brain scans and it was very scary and an overwhelming experience,” she added.

The Laguna Beach star continued, “The emergency room doctors at the hospital told me that if the door had hit my head an inch further back from where it did, I could’ve had serious brain damage. So I got really, really lucky that it hit my head on a pretty hard part of my skull.”

“I don’t really remember a lot of that night and I don’t remember with full clarity many of the weeks afterward,” Bosworth added. “It’s pretty fuzzy [and] it was a terrifying episode.”

The Hills actress went on to say that the injury “was especially severe in the first year afterwards when I was really healing. I would get lost in New York City walking around — I’ve lived there for nine years and it’s on a grid — so it’s hard to get lost in New York City.”

“I get bad headaches two to three times a week, and it’s a struggle for me to find the words or phrases that I’m looking for often,” she added. “It can take me hours to come up with a word that I couldn’t find earlier.”

Bosworth, who is the founder and CEO of Love Wellness, a 1-stop shop for women’s wellness and personal care products, told PEOPLE, “When you look okay on the outside, but you’re not okay on the inside, I think it’s hard for people to really understand what you’re dealing with or going through. So I was hoping to be taken seriously more than anything else, and to just shed light on the dramatic effects that a TBI can have on your life.”

“I think that I have been able to better come to terms with challenging days — and I have had enough challenging days — to recognize that they pass, it gets better and it’s a moment that you can work through,” she added. “I think acceptance of a challenging day, instead of trying to fight it, is the best way that I have learned to move through them more quickly.” The story originally appeared Monday on PEOPLE.