Mathew Knowles Reveals He Has Been Battling Breast Cancer

Mathew Knowles is the father of Beyoncé and Solange Knowles.


In an interview with Good Morning America (GMA) on October 1, Mathew Knowles, father of famous singers Beyoncé and Solange, revealed that he has been battling breast cancer.

GMA host Michael Strahan asked the 67-year-old about how it was like to reveal his diagnosis to his family.

Mathew was excited to be on GMA on October 1. He tweeted, “I’ll be on @GMA tomorrow making a special announcement. Tune in!”

Beyoncé and Solange are Mathew’s daughters from his ex-wife, Tina Knowles. In 2011, Beyoncé cut off business ties with her father who used to manage her career.

“I’ve only parted ways with my father on a business level,” Beyoncé told Us Weekly at that the time.

“He is my father for life and I love my dad dearly. I am grateful for everything he has taught me. I grew up watching both he and my mother manage and own their own businesses, added the Grammy winner. “They were hard-working entrepreneurs and I will continue to follow in their footsteps.”

Last year, boasting Beyoncé’s 7-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, Mathew said, “Blue Ivy is a star. She is just a star. I can see. She reminds me a lot of Beyoncé and Solange when they were that age.”

The father-in-law of Jay-Z continued, “[Beyoncé and Solange] work very hard because, at a very early, early age, they were very clear on what their passion was. I think the parenting of Tina and myself combined allowed our kids to really find their passion at an early age.”

Mathew, who married Gena Charmaine Avery in 2013, also told Us Weekly at that time, “I would think Beyoncé will be the greatest female artist of all time and Solange will be one of the greatest entertainers of all time.” According to WebMD, breast cancer in men is quite rare. A man’s risk of developing breast cancer may increase as the age progresses. Most breast cancers in men happen when they are between the ages of 60 and 70.