Meghan McCain Gives Epic Reply to a Body Shamer on Twitter

“It’s harassment like this that can lead women to eating disorders.”


On Tuesday, Meghan McCain, co-host of The View, took to Twitter to share a photo of herself and her co-host Abby Huntsman in a pink dress to address Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In the comment section, one Twitter user advised McCain to go on a diet. The user wrote, “How many pounds ago was that profile picture? Jenny Craig, NutriSystem or Weight Watchers (WW) would endorse you without hesitation.” However, the user later deleted the comment.

Responding to the user’s comment, McCain wrote, “It’s harassment like this that can lead women to eating disorders. I am one of the lucky ones who never suffered from it.”

She added that she has been able to achieve all of her goals without going on a diet. The 34-year-old continued, “I never dieted to get a man or a job and somehow landed my dream both — hope young girls see me and know they don’t have to diet either.”

This is not the first time McCain has responded to a body shamer. She often responds to people who criticize her body and looks.

Two years ago, she gave an epic reply to a Twitter troll who said she gained a lot of weight. At that time, her father, the late Sen. John McCain, was fighting brain cancer.

She responded, “You know — every morning I wake up happy my body is healthy and strong. I don’t define my worth by weight or what internet trolls think.”

Last month, Bill Maher weighed in on obesity in the United States and said fat shaming needs to make a comeback. After his comments, McCain shared her experience with body shaming in an episode of The View. She said, “Every day somebody on Twitter is like, ‘You’re too fat to be on The View, blah blah blah. It’s so cruel. If I weren’t fat-shamed, I wouldn’t have a career. Laura Ingraham said I was ‘too plus-sized to be on TV,’ Shout out to Laura — I’m on The View and you’re not!”