Melissa Rivers Shares Video of Being Rescued From a Ski Accident

“Hi, these are my new friends – ski patrol. This sucks!”


Melissa Rivers was back in action on Sunday night and even talked about Oscars fashion on social media after getting rescued from a ski accident.

The 52-year-old TV host and daughter of the late Joan Rivers revealed Sunday on Twitter that she had a ski accident and posted a photo of her left leg in a brace along with a face-palm emoji.

She also posted a video clip in which she is seen receiving assistance from ski patrol on the slopes.

Rivers said, “Hi, these are my new friends — ski patrol. This sucks!”

One rescuer said, “It could be worse, right?”

Rivers joked, “Going for a ride!” while filming the patrol’s toboggan.

Her rep told Entertainment Tonight that Rivers is currently home with her knee elevated and is going to the doctor.

The rep said, “Nothing is broken and it appears to be a bad sprain, though she’ll have to wait to get confirmation from her physician.”

“Rivers is a very good skier who had a bad moment,” said the rep, and is still scheduled to make a few appearances to talk Oscars fashion.

Rivers spent Sunday evening critiquing Oscars style on social media. In January, she posted photos from her time skiing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.