Mum-to-be Jesinta Franklin Opens up about her Pregnancy Changes to Body and Soul

“The trick to any good skincare regimen is to actually stick to it no matter the season.”


Miss Universe Australia 2010, Jesinta Franklin declared that she is pregnant with her first child with Lance Franklin aka Buddy Franklin. She described pregnancy as a physically and emotionally challenging journey. Body and Soul had a chat with Jesinta during first few months of her pregnancy regarding her lifestyle modifications, change in priorities, body changes like fluctuating hormones, change in the body shape, etc. 

Mum-to-be Jesinta stated, “Everything is expanding at the moment! I’m embracing the weight gain, stretch marks and cellulite.”

“It’s all a part of the journey and I’m just thankful I get to carry this little life inside of me.”

Known for her dedication towards High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and boxing workouts, Jesinta admitted that now her focus has changed. She stated, “My only priority has been to get lots of rest. I’m sleeping in a lot more which has been a nice change. I’ve never been one to lounge around the house but I’ve had no choice but to slow down — I’ve learnt to listen to my body.” “I’ve spent months feeling awful so I’m looking forward to getting back to my daily walks and going to the gym.”

What has not changed for her is dedication towards her skincare routine. “I’ve always been diligent with my skincare and I’ve been really lucky and haven’t had any hormonal breakouts,” she commented. “I have noticed how the texture of my skin has changed, though, and how dry it has been, so I’m having to change up the products I’m using,” she confessed. “The trick to any good skincare regimen is to actually stick to it no matter the season,” she stated. “When it comes to beautiful skin, consistency really is key.”