Natalie Nunn, 35, has been hospitalized after testing positive for COVID-19, which she initially thought it was an asthma attack due to smoke produced from wildfires in North Carolina.

On Monday, the Bad Girls Club alum revealed her COVID-19 diagnosis through an Instagram post.

Posting a video taken from her hospital bed, Nunn wrote, “I thought I was coughing and having an asthma attack the last 4 days due to the smoke outside in Northern California from all the fires, well unfortunately I have tested positive for Covid 19!”

She added, “Please keep me and my family in your prayers as this is such a scary time for myself and my family!”

Nunn shared a similar video taken at the hospital on her Instagram Story and captioned the clip with prayer hands emojis.

Her friends were quick to send their support and well wishes.

Syleena Johnson wrote, “OMG!!!!!! You will pull through! I’m praying for you sis!”

“Praying for you lil sis,” Traci Braxton commented.

Olympian Carol Rodríguez wrote, “Sis, you are strong and a fighter. Praying for you and all of your family. God cover my sis with your protection.”

According to the CDC, people with moderate to severe asthma are more likely at risk of severe COVID-19 infection as the virus can aggravate an asthma attack and possibly cause pneumonia or acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), which are life-threatening.

People with asthma are recommended to practice precautionary measures such as regular hand washing and social distancing. They are also advised to stay indoors to reduce the risk of exposure.

Nunn’s post from the hospital came days after she spoke about the poor air quality due to the wildfires raging across California, urging state residents who are asthmatic to stay indoors.

On Saturday, she tweeted, “The devil is working overtime but God always come through! Northern California fires have caused the air quality to be hazardous anyone asthmatic stay indoors!” So far, the United States officials have reported more than 6 million cases and nearly 199,000 deaths.