Nick Carter is leading a healthy lifestyle which helped him shed some extra pounds.

Carter, who is best known for being a member of the vocal group the Backstreet Boys (BSB), showed off his 10-lb weight loss in a recent Instagram post. He credited his trainer, Anthony Crouchelli, and the workout program Liteboxer for his weight loss journey.

On Friday, the 42-year-old musician wrote, “The past few months have been such a journey back to healthy habits to get in shape for tour. Thanks @liteboxer & @anthonycrouchelli for making it fun to workout. I’m 10lbs down and on the way. The journey continues.”

His trainer Crouchelli commented, “Lets keep it up champ! Proud of you!!!”

Crouchelli has been working with Carter since December. He told PEOPLE about Carter’s training routine, calling him a “light to work with” and “one of the hardest working people I have had the pleasure of training.”

Crouchelli is the director of talent at Liteboxer, a fully interactive at-home boxing workout that Carter’s been doing. He told PEOPLE, “Nick is a huge fan of the boxing and grappling world,” adding that he “loves the sport, and really is able to connect to the ins, and outs of the training style.”

The trainer went on to say Carter has been practicing singing while doing cardio.

He said, “We chatted about recently getting into the groove of preparing for tour, and I have some programs coming in the pipeline that connect lyrics to shadowboxing, and jump rope circuits,” adding that Carter “loves to cook.”

“​​Nick could be Superman in hiding! He is a rock star father, a world-class artist, and every day hits that gym with an intention,” Crouchelli added. “Nick leads truly by example of how to balance a family, a career, and still hold himself accountable to being better than yesterday.”

Carter has been concentrating on getting himself into shape for BSB’s upcoming May to September tour dates, which were rescheduled from 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In September 2021, the group said in a statement, “With the current state of the world still limiting our travel and causing small things in these processes to take much longer, we have decided to wait until 2022 to release our Christmas album and subsequently will be canceling our limited Las Vegas run of Christmas shows.”

“While we are disappointed, we know this is for the best and we absolutely cannot wait to share the magic of this album with all of you when the time is right!” the statement concluded. The story was published on PEOPLE.