Nick Foles Suffers a Broken Left Clavicle

“American football quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Nick Foles, suffers left clavicle fracture.”


Nick Foles, American football quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, has suffered a left shoulder injury. Thus, he will not be able to play a major part of the upcoming season. The team immediately announced that he will not be a part of the rest of the game. He was out of the game after getting hurt on a touchdown pass.

Head coach Doug Marrone informed the reporters after his loss to Kansas City Chiefs that Foles has fractured his collarbone. Foles himself has declared that he will be undergoing surgery on Monday. He has not provided any timeline for his report. In a contact and collision sport like football, clavicle fracture is common. A sportsperson is more likely to suffer this kind of injury when he/she lands on the shoulder. This injury can be usually diagnosed using X-rays.

Surgery is generally needed in case of complicated fractures. Simple fractures can be treated using a sling to keep the shoulder and arm from moving during the healing process. The recovery time can vary from individual to individual.

Generally, it takes about six to eight weeks for a clavicle fracture to heal. Especially for a quarterback, it could be a long absence if throwing shoulder is injured. As Foles has suffered injury to the non-throwing shoulder, physicians and athletic trainers would allow him to play sooner.