Nutritionist Susie Burrell Explains Kourtney Kardashian’s Keto Diet

    Kourtney was always relatively petite and as such, a few kilos less on her small frame are very noticeable.


    Although Kourtney Kardashian is less frequently mentioned of the famous Kardashian clan, her lean and strong physique clearly justifies a lot of attention.

    Recently, she shared that she had been on the keto diet for a full eight weeks to help her body get into the shape, just as she is today.

    Registered Dietician Susie Burrell wrote, “Kourtney eats a high protein, low carb diet filled with avo smoothies, fish, lean meat and vegetables with some bone broth, green tea and nuts to keep her going in between meals and is a diet described as ‘keto’ eating.”

    The keto diet is low in carb, not overly high in fat, which suggests that her recent weight loss could be due to a very low carb intake combined with tons of exercise.

    Undeniably, Kourtney looks amazing, especially after considering she has also had three children; however, she comes from a pretty-strong gene pool, explained Susie.

    The nutritionist wrote, “The Kardashian’s generally have tiny waists which help to give them such a curvaceous look and KK herself is a tiny frame. This basically means that not everyone who cuts their carbs is going to look as good as Kourt.” She added, “In addition, it is well documented that the Kardashians all workout, a lot and we are not talking about an occasional run around the block.”

    The dietician also explained that it is not that easy to follow her diet.

    Susie further wrote, “Not only is extreme strictness required but a fair whack of food preparation. Now chances are that no Kardashians are shopping for food regularly, nor preparing their own meals. In addition, this type of leanness means that intense daily personal training sessions are a must to help get these physical results.”

    She explained that the key to long-term success is balancing carb intake with enough training. Susie Burrell is also a media dietician and is affiliated with