The OpenRx Timer app, developed by Indian-based ENTOD Pharmaceuticals owned healthcare tech company Brainovations Education Excellence Pvt. Ltd., enables smart management of eye drops, preventing you from using expired eye drops.

Most ophthalmic solutions come with a strict expiry of 30 days after opening the bottle. However, many patients fail to discard outdated ophthalmic solutions. Using outdated medicine could increase the risk of eye complications.

To address this issue, ENTOD introduced OpenRx Timer, a new smart solution in the form of a mobile reminder application.

The app acts as a patient guide enabling the right management of eye conditions and the right usage of eye drops. It will also prevent patients from using expired eye drops.

Executive Director of ENTOD Nikkhil Masurkar said, “Even though most containers of eye drops clearly mention that the drug should be used within 30 days after opening, we have observed that many patients fail to stick to this schedule.”

“The feedback gained from patients and Ophthalmologists told us that while most patients forget the date of opening and expiry, others do not take it very seriously,” he continued. “This poses a serious risk to eye health.”

“To address this concern, we have developed a smart application that serves to guide patients on the correct usage of these drugs,” Masurkar added. “The OpenRx Timer is a simple yet smart and innovative mobile application that records the opening date of the eye medicine and reminds patients when to discard them.”

He said, “Over time, environmental exposure can cause degradation of the eye solution. The eye drops can become unstable with constant oxygen exposure. At the same time, gradual evaporation can lead to an imbalance of ingredients that may be harmful to the eyes.”

“Through the app, we not only want to help patients manage their eye treatment better but also raise awareness among patients about the possible ill-effects of using eye drops past their expiration.”

Patients are advised to discard any remaining solution 4 weeks after opening the bottle. They should use a fresh bottle if treatment is intended to be continued.

OpenRx Timer app is a simple and user-friendly app that can enable you to set reminders easily in a matter of seconds. The article originally appeared on BW Healthcare World.