Ozzy Osbourne Reveals He Is In ‘Unbelievable Pain’ All Day

“It has caused far more problems than the Parkinson’s. I was still doing shows with the diagnosis.”


It seems like Ozzy Osbourne is in unbearable pain.

Last month, the 71-year-old singer revealed he has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, a neurological condition that affects nerves.

Recently, he told The Sun that he has been in “unbelievable pain” all day, every day, giving details about other serious medical conditions he has been suffering from.

He said he has been suffering “unbelievable pain 24/7” after a fall last year that worsened his neck injury that he sustained in a quad bike accident in 2003.

The heavy metal icon said, “I’d hit the floor at such a force that I pinched my spinal column. They had to go in and open the passage. They had to cut through nerves to get there and it’s f***ed my neck, my back, my shoulders and my arms. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as f***ing nerve pain.”

“It has caused far more problems than the Parkinson’s,” he added. “I was still doing shows with the diagnosis.”

Osbourne said that his form of Parkinson’s (P2) is not as bad as people believe. He said, “It’s not mainstream Parkinson’s, like Michael J. Fox’s, but a milder form, I’m glad to say.”

“It affects regular things – like if you get a cold, it could be the Parkinson’s,” he added. “Or, if I get a stiff leg, I think, ‘Is it the Parkinson’s?’ What I have makes ordinary living a bit more complicated.”

Sharon, Osbourne’s wife, recently thanked fans for their support.

“We’re not going to stop until Ozzy is back out there, on that stage, where he belongs,” she said. “It was what he was born to do.”