Sabrina Parr has recently revealed that she has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

The 34-year-old personal trainer, who was previously engaged to former basketball player Lamar Odom for a year, opened up about the diagnosis in an Instagram post on Sunday.

She underwent surgery to have a cancerous tumor inside of her ovary removed.

Parr wrote in the caption, “I have been quietly battling something for quite some time, and I’m finally ready to share it. I found out this year that I have been walking around with a malignant tumor inside my ovary that has grown to about 5 inches wide in size. I’m just now sharing because I’ve had to process a lot!”

The fitness influencer shared a photo of herself getting a CT scan at the hospital, stating, “I kept asking God, ‘why couldn’t you have just given me breast cancer since I already don’t have breast’ lol. Why put it right in the middle of my body? Why right now? I’ve been alive long enough to know that when God wants you to sit down, that’s when he’s preparing you to stand up even taller.”

The mother of two went on to say that she “chose to push through” for her children.

“I asked God to get me through the Summer,” Parr added. “Let me get these kids back to school, and then I can refocus on my health!” She also revealed that she has not been able to work out “for months” due to the cancer diagnosis.

“Every day I fought off depression as I struggled through the pain and watching my body change,” she continued. “Despite what was weighing me down, I had to learn how to get up and still be me every day!”

Parr also said that she will do “whatever is necessary to get me healthy and be cancer-free,” including undergoing surgery that will result in her having “minimal mobility” for weeks as she recovers from the surgery.

“For those of you who may be asking yourself, ‘she’s so healthy, how did this happen to her?’ STRESS!!! That’s how! I allowed way too many people and things to stress me out over the past few years! Never again, though! My body has had enough!” Parr wrote.

“I want to say to all of you who may be going through something similar or anything at all; Do not just lay down and die! Instead, find new reasons to live!” she added. “Figure out how to come alive again! At first, I was preparing to die. Now I am preparing to live better than ever!!!”

Since revealing her ovarian cancer diagnosis, Parr has been updating about her scans and procedures.

On Monday night, she wrote, “Surgery update: Everything was successful, my tumor is removed and I am now recovering!!”

She added, “They are having some issues getting my pain under control so they will be keeping me until that’s handled, which is why I had to get a Covid test! Other than that all is well!!!! Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes!”