As the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise, Prince William and Kate Middleton have been stressing the importance of mental health wellbeing during the “anxious and unsettling” times.

The couple has already shown their immense support for frontline health workers by visiting a National Health Service (NHS) control room. But, this time, they have recommended people to take care of their mental health during the pandemic and asked everyone to stay at home.

Describing the last few weeks as “anxious and unsettling,” the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stressed the importance of mental health by endorsing new advice on how to look after your mental wellbeing during the pandemic.

“The last few weeks have been anxious and unsettling for everyone,” said William and Kate.

Their mental health organization has been publishing new online guidance that provides advice for parents and caregivers on how to support kids and younger people.

The couple said, “We have to take time to support each other and find ways to look after our mental health.”

“It is great to see the mental health sector working together with the NHS to help people keep on top of their mental well-being,” they added. “By pulling together and taking simple steps each day, we can all be better prepared for the times ahead.”

William and Kate have long been speaking about mental health awareness.

Paul Farmer, CEO of Mind, the mental health charity that will administer the £5 million grant, said. “We are facing one of the toughest ever times for our mental wellbeing as a nation.”

“It is absolutely vital that people pull together and do all they can to look after themselves and their loved ones, when we are all facing a huge amount of change and uncertainty,” he added. “Whether we have an existing mental health problem or not, we are all going to need extra help to deal with the consequences of this unprecedented set of circumstances.”

The NHS recommends people to contact their family or friends through phone or online rather than meeting them in person. It also recommends keeping a regular routine and sleep pattern, along with focusing on a hobby or learning something new.

The couple launched “Head Together,” a mental health initiative, along with Prince Harry in 2016. They also launched a mental health platform called “Every Mind Matters” in 2019.