Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Ryan Seacrest Trains Hard To Stay in Shape

“I really have to focus on exercise, as well as eating and sleeping right.”


Ryan Seacrest has to be live on TV six days a week, flying from one place to another to host a number of shows. And now he has become very busy because he just released Polished, a skincare line for men, and a clothing collection at Macy’s.

He is a busy man and has to organize his day accordingly. He sits on a footpath in the rain, working out hard by thrashing his arms to make rope waves and does sit-ups. He says, “Man, they’re heavy when they’re wet.”

He works out at Dogpound, his favorite Manhattan gym, which keeps him going. The American Idol host says the more he focuses on exercise, the more energy he has and keeps him active for the rest of the day.

He says, “I really have to focus on exercise, as well as eating and sleeping right so that I can make it through the day without being less than energetic, or even falling asleep.”

The host of “Live with Kelly and Ryan” can never take a day off because of his packed schedule.

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He started exercising when he was a teenager because he was chubby and hated to take off his shirt. But now he takes his workout sessions serious and aims to work out daily.

After wrapping up TV/radio hosting at 2 pm, he goes to Gotham Gym and does 45 minutes of bag work and then he goes to Dogpound.

He starts his exercise regimen by doing pushups, mountain climbing, squats, burpee, and plank to burn fat. The 44-year-old disconnects himself from his jobs while he is undergoing training, ensuring that he can enjoy his workout sessions and have fun. He wraps up by smacking a massive tire with a 22 lbs. sledgehammer and then calls off his day.