Sandra Bullock has recently praised her costar, Channing Tatum, for his “incredible willpower” on The Lost City set to stay in shape.

On Wednesday, the 57-year-old actress appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden along with Tatum, where they talked about their upcoming film The Lost City. They also chatted about how Tatum trained for his nude scene.

Corden said his guest appeared to be in “peak Tatum physique” and added that it felt like “hugging a tree” when he embraced the Magic Mike star.

Tatum said he was in “heavy rehearsals” for Magic Mike 3, following a workout routine and a strict diet.

Bullock said she saw the same discipline on the set of The Lost City, adding, “He’s really disciplined. He has incredible willpower.”

Tatum explained, “That’s just fear. That’s just fear and ego because you have to be butt naked onscreen.”

Bullock then pushed back and said she never had to be naked onscreen. Tatum replied, “That’s because you produced it and wrote this thing.” Bullock then admitted, “That’s correct.”

Earlier this month, Bullock shared some behind-the-scenes stories about her new movie. During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, she talked about what it was like to film Tatum’s nude scene, in which she helps him remove leeches from his body.

Referring to Tatum’s nude body, in the scene, she said she was “full-on, face-to-face, with the landscape.”

“I had to spend some time down there,” she added. “Just making sure uh, no leeches. I had a lot to say to it.”

Colbert asked Bullock whether her character seemed surprised in the scene because Tatum was “generously endowed.” She replied, “Let’s just say that I honestly didn’t notice.”

“When you are down there and you have two pages of dialogue, if you are looking directly at it, you will get nothing done,” she added. “I looked at his left thigh. I had to look down where it might be, but I focused more on the left inner thigh.”