Australian stand-up comedian Joel Creasey shared a few images in which he can be seen flaunting his shredded new physique for the cover of Men’s Health.

He lost 26 pounds and gained 8 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks – thanks to a complete changeover in his diet and fitness regimen.

On Monday, the latest Men’s Health issue celebrated the 30-year-old’s shredded physique along with his impressive body transformation story.

One image showed Creasey flaunting his impressive abs, bulging biceps, and toned muscles as he gazed seductively at the camera, according to Daily Mail UK. Another image showed him sporting an unzipped Gucci hoodie, smiling sweetly at the photographer as he let his jaw-dropping physique do the talking.

In yet another picture, the actor stood back-to-back with celebrity trainer Jono Castano. Creasy credited Castano for helping him achieve his fitness goals.

Creasy told the magazine, “My advice to anyone wanting to undergo their own transformation is that you can totally do it. Just don’t go cold turkey.”

“Don’t do it all at once,” he added. “Start with a bit of training and then slowly implement different things. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but your body will actually tell you what you’re capable of.”

“If you put in the work, you are going to see the results,” Creasey continued. “I can’t believe I’m saying that. As a stand-up comic, it sort of goes against everything I believe in, but it’s true. I genuinely did not believe I could achieve these sorts of results 12 weeks ago.”

Previously, Castano told Daily Mail Australia that consistency is key, stating, “Be consistent with working out. My thing is 45 daily, meaning at least moving for 45 minutes, whether that’s as simple as a walk or a high-intensity workout, whatever you prefer.”

“I also suggest not only just a 45-minute workout but have other daily goals like 10,000 steps, stretch for 10 minutes and run 3kms,” the trainer added. “Little goals like that daily can keep you motivated and not want to break your streak.”

Castano is also known for training Rebel Wilson who lost 20kg during her “year of health” plan. She has lost more than 65 pounds. The article was published in Daily Mail UK.