Teddi Mellencamp, who is best known for starring on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” has revealed that her 4-month0old daughter, Dove, will have to undergo neurosurgery later this month to treat a rare type of birth defect called lambdoid craniosynostosis.

She wrote on her Instagram account, “Dealing with anxiety, especially when it’s in the ‘public eye’ isn’t easy, and going into July it’s at an all-time high.”

“I was torn as to whether I should share this information, but as someone who tries to be as transparent as possible, and knowing I have a platform to reach others in similar situations, I would like to update you all.”

Dove, who was born in February, is the third child of Mellencamp with her husband Edwin Arroyave.

Mellencamp shared her family is nervous about the procedure but remains optimistic. She said the procedure has “a very high success rate,” adding, “although we are filled with nerves as neurosurgery sounds scary, we have our faith that she will be ok.”

Lambdoid craniosynostosis is one of four types of craniosynostosis, a rare type of birth defect that affects a baby’s skull.  In this condition, the skull bones fuse together too soon.

According to the CDC, the condition affects at least one in every 2,500 babies born in the United States. If left untreated, craniosynostosis can affect a baby’s brain growth.

Typically, the condition is diagnosed soon after the baby is born, with the first sign being an abnormally shaped skull. Other signs include no “soft spot” on the baby’s skull, a raised firm edge where the sutures closed early, and poor growth of head size over time.

Mellencamp said in the post that she and her family initially thought that Dove had a condition known as torticollis, a common condition in infants. She wrote, “We thought dove had torticollis and would likely need a doc band for re-shaping.”

Craniosynostosis is treated surgically by relieving the pressure on the baby’s brain, which is usually done within the first year of life. However, some babies with mild craniosynostosis do not require surgery.

Mellencamp ended her post by asking her fans to pray for Dove. She also asked people to let  her know if their children have to undergo the same procedure. She wrote, “Please keep baby Dove in your prayers and if you have had a child with this same surgery, please let me know below, as I would love any additional insight and support.”