Walgreens and CVS Offer Effective Ways to Fix Your Teeth in Their Drugstores

Two largest pharmacy stores advise you to skip the dentist’s office and offer ways to fix your teeth.

Walgreens and CVS to Fix Your Teeth

In the United States, you can already have your sore throat checked and treated at many pharmacies. Now, you can get your teeth cleaned and straightened at Walgreens and CVS.

Walgreens has opened an Aspen Dental office in one of its Florida stores. It plans to open another office this year. CVS, on the other hand, has collaborated with SmileDirectClub to fix people’s teeth for invisible braces.

There are small experiments for chains with more than 10,000 stores each. The drugstores are searching for new and innovative ways to attract more people.

Millions of Americans shop online, which is a problem for many drugstores. This is the reason why Walgreens and CVS are getting innovative to bring in more people.

Walgreens has already collaborated with FedEx and Sprint kiosks in some of its stores. Also, it is working with Birchbox to spiff up with its skin care and beauty products. Meanwhile, CVS closed nearly $70 billion acquisition for Aetna in November and now plans to convert its drugstores into health hubs.

SmileDirectClub is a start-up that offers teeth straightening kits to consumers online. In association with the start-up, CVS has added a “SmileShopExpress” inside six of its stores. At SmileShopExpress, people can get a 3D scan, which will help create their invisible braces. However, for now, it is just a pilot program.

A CVS spokeswoman said, “CVS Pharmacy is committed to making health easier and more convenient for our customers.” “As part of this commitment, we continuously test new programs and partnerships to enhance the customer experience.”

Since the Invisalign’s patents expired in October 2017, the teeth-straightening market has become very competitive. SmileDirectClub and many other start-ups, including Candid Co., are  

The teeth-straightening market has become extremely competitive. SmileDirectClub and a slew of other start-ups, such as Candid Co., are desperate to overtake the teeth-straightening market, trying to attract consumers with glitzy marketing and cost-effective treatments.

SmileDirectClub has already been selling its teeth straightening kits inside stores of CVS and Macy’s. It is opening its 200th office on Wednesday in Beverly Hills. Candid Co. has nine of its own stores in New York, Boston, and L.A.

Walgreens stores have also started offering more health care services to keep people coming in albeit people shopping online. It has already collaborated with other businesses and added lab testing, primary care, urgent care, and vision and hearing care into some of its stores.

Walgreens started its first Aspen Dental office in its Palatka, Florida, drugstore last month. It plans to open a second office during the second quarter.

Pat Carroll, Walgreens Chief Medical Officer, said, “Adding a dentist office, which offers everything from cleanings to Invisalign to crowns, ‘ties in nicely’ with Walgreens’ strategy. It makes dental care more accessible and transparent.”

Caroll also said, “The demographic is really looking for dental services, as their dentist may retire, they’re looking for more access.” “We’re also looking at a demographic that’s really using Walgreens and the services they need at our stores.”

This strategy is also one of the ways to retain Walgreens’ existing customers – elders. Medicare does not cover dental procedures, leaving elders to pay from their pocket. Aspen Dental posts its prices. One of the private Medicare plans called Medicare Advantage is starting to offer dental coverage. With more elders getting insurance, Walgreens makes it easy for them to find a dentist as they are already visiting Walgreens’ stores to collect their prescriptions.