Woman Shares Her Breast Implant Nightmare on Instagram

“I’ve suffered mental health issues which have drastically taken over my life.”


Alivia Celio, who lives in Australia, has recently shared a post on her social media about her painful experience with breast implants and decided to get them removed after almost a year.

She explained that she started developing unpleasant symptoms shortly undergoing breast implantation.

Celio took to Instagram to reveal her painful story. She also wants to spread awareness from what could happen if someone makes the decision.

In a long post, she wrote, “I’m not one to post my personal life on social media, but when it comes to the chance of helping others and spreading awareness, I will. This year following has been extremely hard for me. I’ve experienced brain fog, debilitating fatigue, nausea, blurred vision, severe hormone imbalances, gut health issues, joint pain, heart palpitations, breathing difficulties, rashes and often felt as if I couldn’t cope with life.”

“The whites of my eyes were red and my face was always swollen. I’ve suffered mental health issues which have drastically taken over my life,” she added.

She explained that her doctors advised her a simple blood test and said that it is important to manage her stress levels. However, there was no improvement and her symptoms aggravated, forcing her to get some tests done.

Later, it was revealed that her body was experiencing some autoimmune response and the antibodies were attacking her own cells.

Celio found out that other women who had breast implants experienced the same issues, and they even called it “breast implant illness.” Unfortunately, she yet received an actual diagnosis of the medical condition.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already started researching the diagnosis; however, the cause is unclear or poorly understood.

Celio then went to Ohio to get her breast implants removed. She claimed that can finally breathe again after getting them removed. She said, “I’m learning to love my body, embrace it and not be so critical of myself.”