Friday, July 10, 2020

Anti-Abortion Momentum Stopped by Supreme Court, For Now

The Supreme Court has announced that the US anti-abortion momentum has been stopped, for now, delivering a surprising setback to for anti-abortion activists. Some activists called the ruling a bitter disappointment, while some said it’s crazy times.

Vigorous-Intense Exercise Could Lead To Early Pregnancy Loss, Study

A new study has found that in women with a history of miscarriage, high-intensity exercise could lead to early pregnancy loss. The study authors said women who are in early pregnancy should not indulge in vigorous physical activities, as it could increase the risk of miscarriage.

Feminine Hygiene Products May Available At No Cost in Scotland

Scottish Parliament has announced the approval of stage one of a bill that would make all period or feminine hygiene products free in Scotland. The bill was supported by all parties on Tuesday, which was proposed by representative Monica Lennon.

Women with High Testosterone More Likely To Have Diabetes and Cancer

A new study has found that women who have genetically high levels of testosterone are more likely to develop chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and metabolic diseases. However, in men, higher levels of testosterone reduced the risk of these diseases.

Virginity Repair Surgery: Campaigners Urge UK Gov. to Outlaw the Procedure

Women’s rights campaigners have been urging the UK government to ban virginity repair surgery, while other activists are against it. Banning virginity repair surgery, also called virginity restoration, could affect Muslim women who opt for the procedure due to a fear of getting caught about losing their virginity during the wedding night.

Moms with Autism More Likely To Have Postnatal Depression

According to a new study, autistic mothers are more vulnerable to postnatal depression. The study has tried to offer a better understanding of what mothers with autism experience during and after pregnancy. Although they are prone to postnatal depression, autistic moms said they would act to do the best of their kids.

Women Having Less Sex More Likely To Have Early Menopause

According to a new study, women who had sex weekly or monthly are less likely to experience early menopause than women who had sex once in a month or twice. Women who had sex weekly and monthly were 28 percent and 19 percent less likely to have menopause.