“You’re Not Presidential At All,” Says George Conway, Citing Trump’s Poor Mental Health

“You're not 'presidential' at all, period. You're mentally unwell. You engage in bizarre, irrational, self-defeating behavior….”

George Conway Citing Trumps Mental Health

Attorney and husband to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, George Conway, criticized President Donald Trump’s weekend tweets, citing his poor mental health condition.

On Sunday morning, Conway tweeted, “You’re not ‘presidential’ at all, period. You’re mentally unwell. You engage in bizarre, irrational, self-defeating behavior, which prompts criticism of you, which triggers more bizarre, irrational, self-defeating behavior. You would have been fired from any other job by now.”

The 55-year-old attorney, whose wife serves as a counselor to the president in the Trump administration, has consistently pointed out quirks in Trump’s behavior, citing them to his psychological issues.

Conway’s latest jibe at the president’s mental health was prompted by Trump’s weekend outburst against the corrupt media and fake news.

Last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Trump is psychologically unfit to uphold his constitutional duties and should be removed from the office of the president.

Conway frequently rebukes Trump on Twitter. He also tweeted, “And if anyone has any doubt about the question, ask yourself this: If, say, a CEO of a major publicly-held company engaged in conduct remotely similar to what we’ve seen of Donald J. Trump over the past 2-1/2 years, what would happen? How long would she or he last in the job?”

He continued, “At a minimum, the board of directors would demand that the CEO undergo rigorous psychological examination. But they’d probably just get a new CEO.”

The attorney mentioned the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which serves as a diagnostic tool for experts to assess one’s mental health.

Conway added, “Do yourself and the country a favor. Resign and seek the psychological treatment you so obviously need.”

On Friday, during the 75th anniversary of D-Day, Conway said that former President Ronald Reagan is a better president than Trump.

Conway’s lengthy discussion on Trump’s mental health talked about how some of the former presidents had mental illnesses that did not prevent them from doing their presidential work efficiently.

Conway said, “Not all mental illness is created equal. Being, say, depressed is a lot different than being a malignant narcissist. Lincoln suffered from depression, but was arguably our greatest President. What’s misguided is to ignore the fact that his condition makes him unfit for office.”

Earlier this year, Conway got the hashtag #DerangedDonald trending on Twitter. In April, he tweeted, “Deranged Donald can do things like this and it’s not even the top of the news, because it gets lost beneath all of the other deranged things Deranged Donald does.”

Eric Trump, the president’s son, subsequently tried to turn back that trend by using the same term in media to describe Democrats. In May, Eric told Fox News, “They don’t have a message, they don’t have proper leadership and I am telling you, he’s going to win this thing again,” referring to his father. He added, “He’s going to win this thing in 2020 because they are incredibly deranged.”