Saturday, February 27, 2021

Excessive Coffee Consumption Increases Cardiovascular Disease Risk, Study

Too much coffee could increase your risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), according to an Australian study. The study found that long-term, heavy consumption of coffee increased the amount of lipids or fats in the body, which eventually increases the risk of CVD.

Too Much Coffee Could Lead To Anxiety or Insomnia

In an article published in January in The Conversation, Prof. Thomas Merritt of Laurentian University has explained the biology of coffee and its benefits. He said coffee contains caffeine that acts as a psychostimulant, but he warned that too much caffeine could lead to anxiety or insomnia.

Consuming Highly Processed Grains Increases Risk of Heart Disease and Death, Study

A new study has suggested that people who eat a lot of refined grains are at a greater risk of cardiovascular events and even death. The study found that higher intakes of refined or processed grains increase the risk of cardiovascular events and death by 33% and 27% respectively.

Piers Morgan Argues Pamela Anderson’s Claims That “Vegans Make Better Lovers”

Piers Morgan has recently argued to make his points across to Pamela Anderson’s claims of vegans making better lovers. She said vegans make better lovers and one can improve their sexual health by following a plant-based diet, but Morgan said he is not a big fan of veganism.

Green Mediterranean Diet Reduces Fatty Liver Disease By 50%, Finds Study

A new study has found that the green Mediterranean diet reduced intrahepatic (liver) fat and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by 50%. The green MED diet is rich in vegetables, which also includes walnuts, green tea, and Mankai green shake. The study was published in the journal Gut.

MIND and Mediterranean Diets Linked To Later Onset of Parkinsonism, Study

A new study conducted by UBC researchers has found a strong link between following the MIND and Mediterranean diets and later onset of Parkinson’s disease. The study found that those who followed these diets had a later onset Parkinsonism, a debilitating neurological condition.

UK Pediatricians Urge Parents to Look Out For Signs of Eating Disorders in Kids

A group of pediatricians in the UK has been urging parents to look out for any signs of eating disorders in children and teens due to a sharp rise in new cases during the pandemic. UK doctors said they have been coming across a great number of referrals for eating disorders since the pandemic began.