Diabetes and Obesity Could Lead to Erectile Dysfunction

“It leads to a loss of confidence in themselves and in their ability to please their partner.”


Men having both diabetes and obesity (diabesity) are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), an inability to get and sustain an erection during sexual activity.

It is estimated that 35 to 75 percent of men with diabetes will experience some degree of ED in their lifetime. Studies have found that diabetics tend to develop ED 10 to 15 years earlier compared to men who do not have diabetes.

Indian Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Manish Motwani from Aastha Healthcare said, “When erectile dysfunction occurs, it leads to a loss of confidence in themselves and in their ability to please their partner. Depression and anxiety are common in men with ED and this can affect not only their sex lives but social and work activities as well.”

One study has found that obese men scored lower when it comes to parameters such as libido, ED, premature ejaculation, and sexual satisfaction than men with a healthy weight.

Diabetes can damage the nerves and blood vessels that regulate erections. Obesity is one of the common causes of diabetes, which is also associated with ED. So, men with both obesity and diabetes are more likely to have ED.

Obese men also have lower libido or sexual desire due to physical appearance. In addition, obesity and diabetes may lead to nerve damage and hormonal imbalances, which can further give rise to ED much earlier.

“We have observed in our practice that the number of young obese male diabetics with erectile dysfunction is on the rise. These are also proven risk factors for developing cardiac diseases in the future,” added. Dr. Motwani.

Many physicians say that bariatric surgery, aka weight loss surgery, could be an effective tool in controlling diabetes as well as curbing obesity. And losing weight and controlling diabetes could significantly reduce the risk of ED in men.

Dr. Motwani explained, “Weight loss surgery not only helps manage the hormonal imbalances leading to diabetes and ED but with proper and long-term weight loss, patients show improved physical condition and improved sexual function.” “We have seen live examples in our practice wherein after bariatric surgery, patients are leading happy lives after losing 85-90 percent of their excess weight,” he added.