Sunday, December 15, 2019
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Studies have found that penile vascular surgery could be a viable alternative for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Researchers found that penile revascularization surgery for arterial occlusion and penile venous surgery for corporoveno occlusion could help men to get spontaneous, unaided, and natural erection.
A new study present at the Radiology Society of North America conference has found that the birth control pill shrinks a part of the brain called the hypothalamus, which regulates sex hormones and controls sex drive. The study found that women who took oral contraceptive pills had smaller hypothalamus, affecting their sex life.
Tadalis, manufactured by Fortune Healthcare Pharmacy, is the new version of generic Cialis because it too contains tadalafil. Tadalista and Cialis are equally effective with the only difference being the cost, where the former is much, much cheaper than the latter.
Men who have diabetes and obesity are at an increased risk of developing erectile dysfunction (ED). Diabetes damages vital nerves and arteries that supply blood to the penile organ, while obesity is one of the common causes of diabetes. Together, they may lead to ED much earlier than men who do not have diabetes and obesity.
According to new research, Erectile Dysfunction has been found to be associated with Atrial Fibrillation, a condition characterized by irregular heartbeats. The study found that men who have ED are more likely to be diagnosed with AFib. Researchers said more studies are required to find the exact cause between ED and AFib.
Researchers have discovered a new way to diagnose and treat male infertility. They found that infertile men carry a specific biomarker in their sperm DNA that is not present in fertile men. They also found another biomarker that could help understand whether hormonal therapy is responsive.
A new study published in JAMA has found that people have been posting their pictures of genitals on social media such as Google and Reddit to receive a diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The study found that some people have been using Reddit frequently to get diagnosed and receive treatment.