Saturday, February 27, 2021

Can Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Cure Erectile Dysfunction? Check What Expert Has To Say

In an article published in Healthline, urologist Dr. Joseph Brito of Yale Medicine explained that treating Peyronie’s disease could help treat erectile dysfunction. Peyronie’s disease treatments may include, PDE5-inhibitor like sildenafil (Viagra), shockwave treatment, pain management, or surgery.

Healthwave Launched First ‘Legal’ Online Viagra Dispensing Service in Ireland

In January, Healthwave, a Dublin-based digital pharmacy, launched the first legal online Viagra dispensing service, making the blue pill available to buy online. Irish government gave a green signal to pharmacies to make Viagra available as an over-the-counter medication.

FDA Issues Health Warnings about More Than 50 Sex Supplements

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been issuing health warnings about more than 50 sex supplements that have been tainted with prescription drugs such as sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis), dapoxetine (Priligy), etc.

Is Fildena FDA Approved?

Fildena contains sildenafil citrate, the drug found in Viagra, which has been approved by the FDA. However, per se, the FDA has not approved Fildena for sale or use in the United States. Fildena is one of many generic versions of Viagra, which is available at a much cheaper price.

Taking Viagra for Fun Is Harmful, Says Sex and Relationships Columnist

Sex and relationships columnist Suzi Godson said in a Q&A session that taking Viagra for fun is harmful. She said that men taking the blue pill recreationally are more likely to have erectile difficulties. She even cited a study that found most online pharmacies sell fake Viagra pills.

Ireland Pharmacist Says Availability of OTC Viagra Is a “Good Move”

Pharmacist Rose Murphy of Murphy’s Pharmacy, Cork, Ireland, welcomed the government’s move to make Viagra available without a prescription, calling it a “good move.” She said men with erectile dysfunction, aged 18 and above, can now have access to the blue pill without a prescription in Ireland.

Rubbing Toothpaste to Penis Does Not Treat Premature Ejaculation

Some videos and blogs on the Internet have been showing that rubbing toothpaste on your penis can help sustain an erection, treating premature ejaculation (PE). Well, experts say rubbing toothpaste does not cure PE, instead, it will harm the organ because it contains chemicals and bleaching agents.