Erectile Dysfunction: Researchers Discover Non-Drug Gel to Boost Erections

“We hope to get the go-ahead either for later this year or early next year.”


UK researchers have discovered a non-drug gel that can help treat one of the most common male sexual conditions – Erectile Dysfunction (ED). The gel is expected to hit the market later this year.

The researchers conducted a trial of the gel on nearly 1,000 men in Europe, which contains only water and alcohol. The non-drug gel has been found effective at treating ED. It works within 5 to 10 minutes.

The trial found that men need just a pea-sized blob of the gel to treat the mild, moderate, and severe degree of ED.

The researchers were surprised to find that such a basic combination of water and alcohol could treat one of the most debilitating sexual conditions.

The gel also contained a small amount of nitroglycerine, a drug used in some heart drugs, such as nitrates.

Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are some of the commonly prescribed drugs for the treatment of ED. However, they take about an hour to work. Some men cannot use these ED pills because of their side effects, while most men say they do not work.

The non-drug gel called Med3000 acts in a much lesser time than ED pills. It will be available without a prescription. Futura Medical, a Guilford-based company, develops Med3000.

The researchers found that more than 60 percent of men who were involved in the trial achieved an erection within 10 minutes.

Senior Manager of Futura Medical, Ken James said, “Because there is no active drug part of our gel we are applying for it to be approved as a medical device.”

“We hope to get the go-ahead either for later this year or early next year. There have been 12,000 acts of intercourse using it and it has been very well received by people in the trial,” he added. “It works well on mild, moderate and severe erectile dysfunction.”

“You put a small blob of it on the end of the penis and rub it in for 15 seconds. First, the user feels a cool sensation, then it warms up. In a few minutes, men report that they start to get an erection,” continued James.

“About a third of couples used it as a normal part of their love-making with the woman rubbing the gel in,” he added.

ED specialist Prof. David Ralph from the University College London Hospital said, “The company could be on a winner here. Viagra was an accidental discovery. I have not been involved in the trials. But it’s fascinating that just rubbing alcohol and water into the tip of the penis works. It’s a mystery.”

“There must be something in the cold then hot effect that creates the right conditions for an erection,” added Ralph. “It’s good that there is no active drug in the gel. That means it could be safely taken in combination with Viagra for instance. It will also be beneficial for men with heart and blood pressure problems who can’t take drugs like Viagra.”