Iowa Man Gets $12.25 Million After Wrongful Prostate Surgery

“For him, he’s lost his manhood,” Huitts’ lawyer told the jury.

Iowa Man Gets $12.25 Million Prostate Surgery

A Panora resident has been awarded more than $12 million on Friday after the Polk County jury noticed that he underwent surgery wrongfully after an incorrect cancer diagnosis.

Rickie Huitt, aged 65 years, had undergone laboratory tests when he had a health issue. Thereafter, a pathologist from an anatomical laboratory admitted the fault. The pathologist had mixed up the tissue samples of Rickie Huitt with the other prostate cancer patient, WHO-TV reported.

Rickie Huitt, who did not have cancer, had been wrongly diagnosed and informed by the health center about the cancer report.

As per the reports, Huitt was the former John Deere factory worker.

The Polk County jury ordered Iowa Clinic to compensate $12.25 million to Mr. Huitt following the judgment.

Dr. Joy Trueblood, the director of Iowa Clinic’s anatomical laboratory, stated in a deposition filed in July 2018 that the pathologist woman was examining two separate prostate files at the same time when she mistakenly scanned Huitt’s as the cancerous file, and ultimately informed him with the wrong diagnosis that he is having cancer.

Huitt was then scheduled for operation and underwent unnecessary surgery. During this operation, he had his prostate gland removed, according to The Des Moines Register. He also suffered major nerve damage and was left incapable of sexual life.

Huitt claimed the intense surgery has left him unable to control his bladder when he goes to the bathroom due to the side effects of the surgery, and his relationship with his wife has also suffered.

According to the Des Moines Register, Huitts’ lawyers initially asked for $15 million in damages; however, he was awarded $12.25 million. “For him, he’s lost his manhood,” said Huitts’ lawyer to the jury.