Sunday, July 21, 2019
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Australian surgeons have successfully been able to perform innovative nerve transfer surgery on some paralyzed patients, which has helped them to regain movement and function. The surgeons performed the surgery on 16 paralyzed patients so that they can extend their elbow and hands to grab, open, and pinch.
A Panora resident Rickie Huitt has been awarded $12.25 million after the Polk County jury noticed that he underwent surgery wrongfully after he got misdiagnosed with cancer. Huitt claimed the major operation has left him unable to control his bladder when he goes to the bathroom due to the side effects of the surgery, and his marital relationship has also been affected.
Huawei, a leading Chinese smartphone brand finally revealed the most awaited P30 Pro model at a global launch event. There is a new feature in this P30 Pro model that can amaze fitness enthusiasts. There were two more watches newly launched by the company namely more luxury Watch GT and the sporty Watch GT Active.
Patients with end-stage kidney disease have to undergo dialysis treatment periodically. Some researchers and enterprises are experimenting to improve the process of dialysis by new techniques. Recently, a team of researchers from Humacyte Inc., Duke University and Yale says that they are close to making use of alternate method of dialysis i.e. bioengineered blood vessels technique.
In the US, there is a need of removing shortfalls present in the HIV testing and Treatments. The delay in diagnosing HIV or not receiving proper treatment is increasing the transmission rate of HIV rapidly. ART therapy reduces the risks of transmitting HIV to others.
Washington State Senator, Lynda Wilson, told VICE News that she believes the measles vaccine has caused more harm than the disease itself. Her statement has been exposed by multiple peer-reviewed studies, including one of the massive studies published this week.
Dr. Conan Kinsey of Huntsman Cancer Institute, who is a physician-scientist studying and treating pancreatic tumors, has discovered an experimental treatment for pancreatic cancer, which includes drugs such as Trametinib and Hydroxychloroquine. He prescribed this treatment to Gordon Chamberlain, a patient with late-stage pancreatic cancer, who is doing well now.