Is Keto Diet Bad For Kidneys?

‘The high protein and low carb keto diet; may cause some kidney disorders, presumed by few health experts’


Keto diet plan consists of High-protein and low carbs, similarly to the Atkins Diet. This ketogenic diet has been extensively followed by many people for losing weight. This diet plan; usually helps to gain; roughly 50% of entire calories from proteins.

Approximately, 10 to 30 percent of a daily dose of calories is received from proteins, advised by The American Heart Association. Therefore, it is advised; roughly 46 grams of protein is required by women, whereas an adult man requires 56 grams of protein.

For our body; to produce an ample amount of energy needs Carbs (Carbohydrates). Normally, it is used as a sole source of energy.

Besides, in a condition; when the body lacks carbs; it initiates to convert fat molecules into ketones. In such a state, when your body starts using up ketones as an energy source, your body undergoes a state known as Ketosis.

So, when your body uses up stored fats to produce energy, you start losing weight.

Does It Damage Kidneys?

There have been some health professionals; who are bothered about this famous keto diet. They assume that the keto diet may be a reason that hampers kidney function.

As it is a high protein diet, and therefore, consuming a high amount of protein will result in more stress on both the kidneys. In such a condition, the kidney function may be damaged.

Also, there might be an increased risk of Osteoporosis (kidney stones). When the body uptakes more protein, a higher amount of calcium might be eliminated; through urination. However, the evidence regarding this is contradictory, still, some professionals assume; keto diet may result in kidney stones.

If you are thinking to adopt a keto diet plan, you should first consult your physician; to know whether it will suitable for you or not. A physician will help you to plan another diet according to your health; that may contain the intake of a moderate amount of protein.