Restaurants and bars have remained closed for the safety of people across the globe. In such trying times, public health officials have been taking necessary measures in order to contain the virus and help people who are greatly affected.

Similarly, Jameson Irish Whiskey decided to do something for diners and bars last week.

Jameson announced that they wanted to support people who support them in light of what the world is going through.

On March 15, the Irish whiskey brand took to Twitter to announce that they support neighborhood bartenders by donating $500,000, stating that they wanted to keep the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day alive.

The money was donated to support the United States Bartender’s Guild, a charity that fosters community and empowerment between professional bartenders.

Jameson wrote, “We know that there may be some hard roads ahead for members in this community.”

The charity is now accepting donations in response to the coronavirus outbreak and suspension of many restaurants and bars across the country.

Those who are in need of financial assistance and who have lost their jobs can reach the United States Bartender’s Guild’s website.

At the end of the note, Jameson sent a heartfelt message to all the local bartenders. They wrote, “You’ve always had our backs, and we promise to always have yours.”