Norethisterone – Pill To Delay Period For Vacation

For some women, periods and holidays often seem to overlap, affecting their vacation.


Why do period and holidays always seem to overlap? Is it a coincidence or a conspiracy?

Well, we don’t have an answer for sure but we do know that having those painful cramps and leakage while you are holidaying is awful. Nevertheless, when nature fails us, science doesn’t.

There is a pill available to specifically delay your period, especially when you are supposed to spend quality time while on a holiday.

Yes, you can put those period worries away and start enjoying your time away in peace.

The pill’s name is norethisterone, which is a synthetic version of a female hormone called progesterone. Norethisterone artificially keeps the levels of progesterone increased and prevents your uterus from breaking down, preventing leakage and those inevitable menstrual symptoms/

How does the pill work? You need to start taking norethisterone at least three days prior to starting your time of the month.

You can take the pills as long as you want to prevent periods and stay away from it for up to 17 days.

Please note that this medicine does not act as a contraceptive. So, you will still need to go for other methods if you are having sex and do not want to conceive.

Synthetic medications do come with certain risks, and norethisterone is not an exception. Some of the potential side effects of the medicine are acne, fluid retention. blood clotting, and even stroke. Norethisterone is available under a prescription so you must consult with your doctor about getting it.