Denise Richards Thanks Instagram Fans to Address Her Enlarged Thyroid

“I noticed it, but I ignored it. I was like, Why does my neck look bigger?”


Denise Richards was aware that something was not right with her thyroid, but she would not have addressed her issue if her fans did not notice it.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHBH) star thanked her Instagram fans on Sunday for pushing her to get her thyroid checked. In a new interview, she said that she had “ignored it” at first.

The 48-year-old actress said, “I noticed it, but I ignored it. ‘I was like, why does my neck look bigger?’ I had other symptoms, but I just kept ignoring it and finally when a couple of people pointed it out I was like, I have to look into it.”

Richards revealed that her fans noticed her enlarged thyroid during the RHBH reunion episodes, and “were concerned because they had thyroid issues.”

She said, “It’s not serious at all.” She was able to fix her thyroid issue quickly.

Richards had issues with gluten, so she decided to cut it out. Richards does not have celiac disease, but she said, “It was moving in that direction.”

The Wild Things actress said, “I quickly eliminated it, and I was shocked how just in a few days, my throat started going down.”

People who switch to a gluten-free diet have had an improvement in their thyroid function; however, it is not a clinically proven medical treatment. However, a 2018 study found that “switching to a gluten-free diet did help women who had autoimmune thyroid disease,” and Richards explained that it worked for her. “It’s amazing, with social media and being out there, how people can notice certain things. I was grateful for that,” said Richards.