Popeyes Fried Chicken Sandwich Makes Comeback, People Going Nuts

“I hope everyone working at Popeyes gets a raise of bonus because whew.”


Last week, just in time for National Sandwich Day, Popeyes announced the return of its fried chicken sandwich and since then, people have been losing their minds.

The dearly-missed Popeyes fried chicken sandwich memes have been trending across social media.

After getting launched in August, the chicken sandwiches were out of the fryer until Popeyes announced they were sold out “for now.” Since then, many people have been waiting eagerly for the sandwich to make a comeback.

Giving a great sigh of relief to many fanatics, Popeyes announced last week that the sandwich would return on November 3, which is marked as the National Sandwich Day.

Since the announcement, many enthusiasts were set for the big day so they can reunite with their favorite sandwich.

On Sunday, Popeyes tweeted, “Y’all…it’s back.”

People went crazy and the lines were so long that some said it looks like a battle. One wrote, “Live report from husband, who is sitting in neighborhood Popeyes drive-thru: ‘It looks like Armageddon.’”

Some even joked about giving up their day jobs and start selling the sandwiches. Boogie Travels on YouTube wrote, “I am quitting YouTube to resell popeyes chicken sandwiches online. Only 14 bucks each. Hmu.”

One wrote, “I hope everyone working at Popeyes gets a raise of bonus because whew.” Popeyes’ representative told CNN, “We plan to offer it to our guests for a long time. We are confident that we’ll be able to meet the demand.”