Sandra Lee has undergone a complete hysterectomy Tuesday.

Lee’s “surgery was a success and she’s resting comfortably” following the procedure, her representative told PEOPLE.

The chef initially shared that she was having surgery Tuesday on social media shortly before the procedure.

Lee’s hysterectomy comes seven years after she underwent a double mastectomy as a treatment for her breast cancer, which resulted in an infection that initially put off reconstruction surgery.

She wrote on her Instagram post, “Soooooo this is happening! Several years ago I was supposed to have quite an intense surgery. It was a follow up to my breast cancer surgery, but I had repeatedly put it off and then Covid hit. Fast forward to now, during a routine appointment with my gynecologist, she noticed a change in some of my cells. I went for a second and third opinion and they all confirmed the same.”

“My mind immediately thought of a conversation I had years ago with a friend who sat me down for a much needed talk about considering a complete hysterectomy,” she continued. “But after all of the issues I had experienced with my breast cancer surgery, the last thing I wanted to do was have another major operation- so I didn’t!”

“Over the last few years I have watched and admired the grace of other women who went public with their own health decision while I sat on the sidelines in awe and with a bit of fear.”

The Food Network star also wrote, “I admit, I am a little embarrassed that I hadn’t had the courage to get this final stage done until now. So while you’re reading this post I am undergoing hysterectomy surgery. A surgery that so many brave women before me have had to do. It’ll be an everything out procedure and after that, there won’t be any more halo of worry hanging over my head.”

Lee said that her boyfriend, Ben Youcef, was at her side and “will be taking a little time off work to stay home” to help care for her during recovery.

She wrote, “I am filled with all sorts of emotions. I am scared but also happy to be getting this done.”

“Hopefully this will encourage anyone who needs to get a concerning procedure done to take the opportunity now so you can live as happy and healthy as possible,” she added. “We must all live our best lives every day and in every way. With that I send you all the love in the world, your well wishes and prayers are appreciated more than you know.”