The Ministry of Health (MoH) has alerted people of a health product that has been found to be tainted with undeclared tadalafil, a drug sold under the brand name Cialis for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED).

The Laboratory of Pharmacy Section, Department of Scientific Services, MoH tested the product called Evo-7 Japan Sachet, which was adulterated with tadalafil.

Manufactured by Evo Freedom International Sdn Bhd, Evo-7 Japan Sachet can cause adverse effects that could be potentially dangerous.

Tadalafil, Sildenafil, and Vardenafil belong to the same class of drugs called PDE5-inhibitors, which are used to treat ED under the supervision of a doctor.

If used along with nitrates or alpha-blockers, these ED drugs could lower the blood pressure to a potentially dangerous level.

Besides, these drugs are not suitable for men who already have cardiovascular disease. Some may even experience serious side effects such as chest pain, breathlessness, irregular heartbeats, or vision impairment.

The product did not receive any approval from the MoH and after these findings, the product has been banned and not allowed to be imported and sold in Brunei Darussalam.

The MoH officials have advised people who have bought or used Evo-7 Japan Sachetor to stop using it immediately or seek medical attention if they feel unwell or experience any unpleasant side effects.

The authorities have also reminded retailers and members who are involved in selling the product that it is an offense under the Poisons Act 1956.

Upon conviction, the penalty for contravening these regulations could be a fine of BND8,000 ($5,654) or six months in prison. The MoH has called upon people for cooperation to report to the selling of the product to the Compliance and Licensing Section.