Travis Scott Meal at McDonald’s is not just a Quarter Pounder combo with Sprite, according to Vulture. But, it simply looks, smells, tastes, and costs the same as a Quarter Pounder combo with Sprite.

According to the press release, “It’s an unprecedented collaborative partnership across food, fashion, and community efforts, launching with [Scott’s] signature order on menus across the U.S.”

Vulture published in an article, written by Rebecca Alter, in which they have investigated why there is so much hype about Travis Scott Meal.

Both McDonald’s and Travis Scott are the masters of branding, which is why Alter first heard Scott’s latest collab would be with a fast-food chain.

Alter wrote, “There’s something very ’90s-nostalgic about McDonald’s releasing a celebrity-themed tie-in meal; it’s the sort of can’t-miss fast-food event the company used to pull with Michael Jordan or Batman. The kind that would come with souvenir collectible glasses, expanding the Happy Meal strategy to target the kinds of adults who … enjoy things like souvenir collectible glasses.”

“It’s the exact right vibe for Scott, who named Astroworld after a defunct Houston theme park, hitting the exact same sugar-crash ’90s-nostalgia dead-mall aesthetic pleasure center that eating McDonald’s does,” She added.

The Travis Scott Meal ad features Scott as a Happy Meal toy (a miniature of a regular-degular toy) of himself, showing off the combo and touting as his “same order since back in Houston.”

The meal contains a Quarter Pounder with lettuce, pickles, onions, ketchup, mustard, cheese, and bacon; medium fries with a side of BBQ dipping sauce; a medium Sprite.

Alter went to the McDonald’s on West 3rd Street in Manhattan, which did not even have the Travis Scott Meal. She asked the extremely nice woman working there if anyone else had asked for the Travis Scott Meal. The woman told her there had been “a lot, like 20 today,” advising Alter to download the McDonald’s app to see which locations have it.

Alter went to McDonald’s No. 2, which had a big menu screen touting the “limited time collab” Travis Scott Meal, informing her that it will be $7 instead of $6 because it is New York. The meal is 1,240 calories in total.

When her order was ready, it said “TRAVIS SCOTT” on the receipt and it transported her to a fantasy life where she was Stormi’s au pair and just picking up an order for Travis on an errand.

Alter wrote, “The best way to enjoy a Travis Scott Meal is to eat it on your bedroom floor with Astroworld playing and the AC running.”

“The Quarter Pounder was really kind of onion forward,” she added. “They didn’t use those tiny, little chopped-up onions they put on Happy Meal burgers; these were big, oniony onions. The acid bite of the pickles paired with the smoky bacon atop a pleasantly spongy bun should have pulled off some sort of Houston-adjacent, Texas-BBQ effect.”

“Unfortunately, fast-food bacon is usually a disappointment and rarely worth the upcharge, and here it was crispy, brittle, and tasted of all salt, no pig.” Read more about the Travis Scott Meal on Vulture, where Alter reviewed her whole experience with the Quarter Pound.