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We Should Eat Foods Created From the Earth, Says Vegan Health Coach

The health coach, Shanon Whittingham gives a plant-based message expressing her own journey to vegan diet.


The bible says one should eat vegetables and fruits, according to Shanon Whittingham, a holistic health coach.   

Dietician Shanon Whittingham, who is currently getting trained to become a Board-Certified Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist, spoke on the latest PBN podcast about veganism, spirituality, and more to Plant Based News Co-founder Robbie Lockie.

Shanon Whittingham is a multifaceted holistic health coach, YouTube host, and founder of Sincerely Shans. The YouTube host is the celebrity guest for this week’s podcast of PBN.

Shanon has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and another Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Science (M.Sc.) degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and completing a supervised practice and certification to become a Board-Certified Registered Nutritionist.

In her recent interview with Robbie Lockie, the nutritionist gave a plant-based message, stating her own journey to a vegan diet, spirituality, and her beliefs in other related topics.

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“There’s definitely a connection between the food we eat and our physical, mental, and spiritual health,” she says. “For those who individuals who, for example, identify as Christians and read the Bible, one of the first few things in the Book of Genesis is how God created us from the dust of the Earth,” the Holistic Therapist said.

“He states that we should use food that he created from the Earth, fruits, and vegetables. If God who created us from the dust of the Earth, from the soil, he uses these minerals to fuel our bodies that come from Earth,” the health coach added. “I think that’s something very profound that a lot of us can take into consideration especially for that vegan diet, that all we need is in the Earth, all we need can be found in plants – every single nutrient and mineral,” Shanon Whittingham concluded.