iX Biopharma Ltd., a Singaporean pharmaceutical company, has received approval and registration of its erectile dysfunction (ED) drug, Silcap, in Singapore.

Today, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA), the drug regulatory body that operates under the Ministry of Health of the Singapore Government, approved Silcap, a sildenafil drug available in a capsule form for the treatment of ED.

Silcap is iX Biopharma’s second treatment for ED after Wafesil, which also contains sildenafil.

Wafesil is an innovative form of sildenafil administered using iX Biopharma’s proprietary drug delivery technology. It is available as a fast-dissolving wafer placed under the tongue (sublingually), allowing the drug to be administered conveniently and rapidly into the body.

On the other hand, Silcap comes in a novel small capsule, setting it apart from other alternatives that are delivered in a standard tablet form.

Silcap is the first capsule-based sildenafil medication to obtain market approval in Singapore.

iX Biopharma has been supplying Silcap and Wafesil in Australia since the company obtained the approval and registration of the drugs in 2018.

Eva Tan, Director of Corporate and Commercial Strategy of iX Biopharma, said, “Apart from offering a unique value proposition when compared to existing sildenafil products in the market, Silcap’s approval continues to reaffirm our ability to bring products successfully from clinical development to registration and launch.”

Silcap is available in 25 mg and 50 mg potencies, in pack sizes of 4, 8, and 12 capsules.

Please note that sildenafil is a prescription ED drug so Silcap will be supplied only through licensed medical practitioners and under a prescription. The article originally appeared on The Edge Singapore.