Nifedipine Combined With Sildenafil Citrate: An Effective Tocolytic Therapy For Threatened Preterm Labor

According to a randomized trial, Nifedipine (antihypertensive agent) alone or combined with Sildenafil Citrate is effective for the management of threatened preterm labor.

Nifedipine Sildenafil Citrate For Threatened Preterm Labor

Researchers conducted a prospective randomized study to understand and determine the tocolytic action of an antihypertensive drug called Nifedipine in conjunction with a popular Erectile Dysfunction (ED) drug called Sildenafil Citrate.

Nifedipine is sold under the brand name Procardia/Adalat, while Sildenafil Citrate under Viagra.

A tocolytic drug is used to suppress premature labor. Tocolytics are also called anti-contraction medications or labor suppressants.

Researchers also wanted to assess whether the combination of Nifedipine and Sildenafil Citrate is superior to Nifedipine alone when it comes to inhibiting threatened preterm labor (PTL).

The prospective randomized study was performed in an Egyptian University Hospital. The participants were women with threatened preterm labor who received neither Nifedipine alone or Nifedipine with Sildenafil Citrate.

From January 2015 to November 2016, researchers randomly allocated 239 women with threatened preterm labor to receive either oral Nifedipine 20 mg (stat dose), followed by 10 mg every six to eight hours along with vaginal administration of Sildenafil Citrate 25 mg 8-hourly or Nifedipine alone.

During hospitalization, women who received Nifedipine combined with Sildenafil Citrate remained undelivered (81.8% v/s 68.6%, indicating that for tocolytic therapy for threatened preterm labor, Nifedipine combined with vaginal Sildenafil Citrate is an effective option.

The addition of Sildenafil Citrate was also associated with fewer deliveries within seven days of admission, fewer admissions to neonatal intensive care units, fewer very preterm deliveries, and increased neonatal birth weight. So, the conclusion is Nifedipine combined with vaginal Sildenafil Citrate is one of the effective options for tocolytic therapy during threatened preterm labor.