Thursday, October 28, 2021
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Scientists of the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and Bangor University have urged nations and their politicians to address not only climate change but also plastic pollution. They said both climate change and plastic pollutions are intertwined, which needs to be addressed.
Today, Google celebrates the beginning of spring season 2021 with a doodle. It marks the spring equinox with an animated hedgehog that has flowers with honeybees buzzing around, along with red and blue flowers spelling the word Google.
A new study by the researchers of the University of Utah has suggested that human-induced climate change is responsible for making allergy season worse. The study found that pollen season starts 20 days earlier and lasts 10 days longer due to climate change.
Prof. John William Frank of the University of Edinburgh says we should be extra cautious and stop the global distribution of 5G networks until safety is confirmed. He says 5G networks emit high radiofrequency electromagnetic fields that may affect your health but it has no association with the spread of COVID.
A new study conducted by the researchers of the University of Vermont has found that rising temperatures caused by climatic changes have been contributing to low-quality diet and malnutrition in young children, in many parts of the world. Warmer climates are among several traditional causes of malnutrition.
A new study published in the journal Cell by Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. David Morens has predicted that climate change could play a key role in accelerating or exacerbating future global pandemics. They said pandemics are expected to increase due to deforestation, wet market, and global warming.
Wildfires, windy conditions, and extreme temperatures continue to batter much of the Western United States, promoting helicopter rescues in California. Wildfires has destructed most parts in Washington as well. Wildfires and heat waves have threatened a few larger cities in the Western parts.